Chase for Life!

South African Covid-19 website: www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Dear Valued Client

The 21-day lockdown is upon us, to support our clients in these extraordinary times we have made available a number of capabilities to fast track your organisation’s risk management response.
Any additions outside of what you’re currently being billed for will be done for free during the pandemic’s critical phases. This we’ll reassess within the next few months.

Supply Chain Management

Communicating with your Clients: Notifications of important changes in your business in these turbulent times.

Managing your Suppliers: Quality & consistency; upholding to your agreed relationships, and capability to adapt to variations at short notice.

Internal Governance

Staff remote working: Work-based interactive comms for both quantitative and qualitative aspects / deliverables while your staff are in lockdown, including alarms and notifications to individuals or groups.

Employee well-being: Gathering up-to-date information on aspects like health and transportation. Develop accurate company-wide virus-related records.

Hygiene management: Covid-19 has quite a lifespan on surfaces, so ensuring work spaces are clean and safe is vital, and can be accurately supervised on our system.

Additional Capabilities

Many other aspects of your organisation can be successfully administered from our platform.

We have already setup Chase to handle many of these aspects but would like to hear specifically from you on how we can be of use in these times.

To that end, we will be making further contact, but feel free to reach out to us at this time.

NB: Our Company is fully operational during these extreme times. In fact, we’ve been working for a while in a distributed / remote configuration. Accordingly, please be advised that all our resources are at work and here to help.

Stay Safe and Risk Free!

The Chase Solutions Team