Compliance Checklists

Chase for Life!

Compliance checked! Work instructions and accountability checked!

In Chase we manage by exception, and we restore exceptions back to acceptable levels.

The Chase Field Services App is hygienically much safer than paper and provides necessary information quickly. To operate effectively you need many parts working together – people, HR, infrastructure, assets, logistics, media, legal, security, hardware, and software.

We validate users, locations, proximity, frequency, movement, sign off, to name a number of cool features. We apply Standard Operating Procedures to data entries; we validate the data and safeguard it. Any type of checklist or routine works order can be quickly configured and deployed.


  • Wellbeing checked
  • Works orders issued
  • Processes locked in
  • Infrastructure checked
  • Assets checked
  • Offices checked
  • Work related items checked
  • Health and safety checked
  • Covid checks checked
  • Legislative protocols checked
  • SOP’s checked
  • Notifications checked
  • Insurance audits checked
  • Care worker and family checked
  • Keys, firearm, shift handovers checked
  • Manpower posts checked
  • Accountability checked
  • Risk prevention checked
  • Management reporting checked
  • Investigations checked
  • Data privacy checked
  • Data security checked


Specific published examples: Quarantine checklist

  • Logs patient temperature three times a day, track symptoms, ensure sterilization procedures, check ventilation, ensure healthy exercise, check recovery, and the data is immediately sent back to command centre.


Staff travel, symptoms and actions checklist

  • Have you travelled to an affected area recently, or been in contact with someone you know or work with who has travelled to affected areas?
  • Do you have any of these symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) at the same time?
  • Have you been to a doctor? Go to the hospital closest to you dealing with these cases and call ahead to tell them you’re coming.


Cleaning Checklist

  • Are you using a compliant sanitiser?
  • Have you wiped the following with compliant sanitisers:
  • Entry door, cooler door, checkout area countertops, and restroom door handles
  • Drink stations where customers are apt to touch countertops;
  • Phones, keyboards and intercom systems.


Corona Virus COVID-19 Home Office Self Assessment Checklists available

  • Inspection Checklist
  • Hand Hygiene Checklist (WHO)
  • Checklist for Individuals and Families (CDC)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Hospital Readiness Checklist (CDC)
  • Screening Checklist for Visitors and Employees
  • Healthcare Providers Preparedness Checklist (CDC)
  • Community and Faith-based Organizations Checklist (CDC)
  • Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Inspection Checklist
  • Home Office Checklist
  • Evacuation Checklist