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Adverse Event Resilience Management

What does this mean?  Resilience management goes beyond risk management to address the complexities of large integrated systems and the uncertainty of future threats, especially those associated with health, security and climate change. It’s the ability to minimize the negative impacts of adverse events on organizations and societies. Adapting to further attacks of the same type.

As black swan events continue to severely impact economies and organisations, we have good news!  We specialize in assisting organisations manage risks and to continue functioning throughout disruption.  Our clients effectively weather adverse circumstances small and large, local and international, short and long-term.

We provide highly flexible, cost-effective, principle-based solutions to manage adverse events.  We help organizations adapt to specific circumstances and  economic ‘shocks’.  It involves monitoring operations and supporting management to lift organisational resilience above these events.

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We handle the integrated complexity of an organizations central ecology by managing procedures simply and efficiently.

We manage local or distributed requirements within health & safety, security, risk, maintenance, facilities management, asset management, & HR.

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We ensure deviations from organisational SOP’s are rapidly remediated by providing proactive, quick response, easy-to-use tools.

The results show as with one prominent international client who manages over 6,700 entries, 140,000 checklists, and 1,000 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) each month.


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Our integrated Governance, Risk mitigation and Compliance (GRC) capabilities incorporate these three central functions into every department’s processes to integrate disparate organisational silos and reduce costly duplication of processes and risk.

The result is a company-wide cooperation strategy that achieves compliance with internal guidelines and processes in each of the three key functions.

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We provide frameworks for varying ecosystems to successfully operate and survive in times of epidemic and high risk. We deal with mission critical functions involving Governance, Risk and Compliance.

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What our clients say

  • "With the aid of Chase we were able to integrate with our current student and staff systems – which enables us to merely add an identification number, student or staff number to the incident and through the 'auto complete' function, all the details of that person is immediately linked to the incident"
    Jak Janse van Vuuren - North-West University
  • "A growth strategy is continuously discussed with UKZN. Our latest enhancement was the integration of the MyUKZN"


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