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Various departments need to function independently as well as together, and each department has its own specific processes.  Numerous processes can be set-up quickly to provide data specific to each, here are some examples:



  • Support in terms of logging and managing all types of incidents or events, and making sure things are taken care of
  • Replace WhatsApp’s, SMS’s, e-mail’s, paper and clipboards – these platforms make it very difficult to collate and organise data
  • Daily checks across the organisation make sure things are as they should be, and non-compliances are escalated



  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly tasks and reminders
  • Managing certificates
  • Enforcing OHS procedures
  • Keeping safety files in check



  • Support management – for Predictive Maintenance – time based, failure finding, condition based, predictive, risk based
  • Corrective Maintenance – deferred, emergency
  • Preventative infrastructure maintenance
  • Management of temporary and fixed assets, and facilities



  • Speedy capturing of any type of incident or event
  • Automated logging
  • Managing risk SOP’s
  • Monitoring post event issues
  • Gathering and storing intel
  • Managing lone workers
  • Firearm and ammunition management



  • Tracking cleaning services
  • Enforcing compliance electronically in the field
  • Ensuring safety of employees



  • Clocking In / Out
  • Delivering payslips to the App
  • Applying for leave
  • Managing AWOL
  • Social well-being checks
  • Track cases to manage prevention and care
  • Regular staff questionnaires and provision of information



  • Measuring productivity
  • Managing insurance risks
  • Tracking warrantees
  • Highlighting weaknesses



  • Litigation prevention
  • Reducing and managing labour issues