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Chase for Life! South African Covid-19 website: To all the Covid-19 fighters out there We want to share with you how we can help you deal with the war against the virus. Like in any war intel from the front-line is vital!   We are helping many of our customers configure Chase to flatten the […]

Chase for Life! South African Covid-19 website: Dear Valued Client The 21-day lockdown is upon us, to support our clients in these extraordinary times we have made available a number of capabilities to fast track your organisation’s risk management response. Any additions outside of what you’re currently being billed for will be done for free […]

Chase for Life! South African Covid-19 website: We hope you are all managing in this difficult time. We know you’re running around and crazy busy. We’ll be sending out comms with ideas of how you can configure Chase to help at this difficult time.Here are a few ideas of what we are doing for our clients:  […]

Chase for Life! South African Covid-19 website: We can help Flatten the Covid-19 Curve! With simple configuration and set-up we are able to measure, maintain, prevent, contain, process, record. analyse, track and report. Flattening The Covid-19 Curve Where are we able to help?  Here are some ideas.  Health and SafetyMeasuring complianceMobile checksEscalation OperationsWorking from homeReplacing manual […]

Chase for Life! South African Covid-19 website: Various departments can be affected by Covid-19 and numerous checklists can be set-up quickly to provide data specific to each, here are some examples: Ops: Working from home – support in terms of logging adverse events and checking if things are okReplace WhatsApp, SMS and e-mail – these platforms […]

Chase for Life! South African Covid-19 website: Here are examples of compliance checklists that can easily be configured in Chase.  We validate users, locations, proximity, frequency, movement, sign off, to name a number of cool features. We apply Standard Operating Procedures to data entries; we validate the data and safeguard it.  The Chase Mobile App […]

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For more than 15 years the market has been limited for choice when it comes to roster applications suitable to address the shortcomings in the market. The market has not seen rostering and payroll in a single solution. Factors such as price, support and suitability to unique requirements, will mean that Prof1t will be the solution of […]

News The prevalence of cloud-based IT solutions is becoming more widespread, with non-critical IT systems in many organisations now hosted on the cloud. Workforce management solutions are no exception to this trend. According to a new report titled ‘Workforce Management Solutions – 2014’ by IHS, the growing adoption of SaaS based workforce management solutions will […]